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An-amazing-story-reviewI won’t pretend it was easy to write Unforgotten Sins in Charleston. There are people and events in life none of us want to think about very often. In fact, we’d like to forget everything about them. Then again, those are quite often the motivating factors that shape who we become and the choices we make in life. Timothy is a fictional character, but one who quite a few readers have told me they “recognize” as someone they’ve known along the way.

That’s a tremendous compliment to a writer.southern-spirit

I’ve been greatly humbled by the response I’ve received on Amazon, with so many 5-star reviews.

I can only say thank you.


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  1. I’m not sure I was able to take a deep breath until I reached the last sentence, but it was worth any discomfort. Reading Unforgotten Sins in Charleston is an experience that no one should miss. If you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend getting a copy and diving in.

    1. Please forgive me for my late response. I’m extremely grateful for your kind words. Nothing is more rewarding to a writer. I do plan to start writing another novel, hopefully, sometime in 2015. It will also be centered in and around Charleston and will involve some federal undercover agents that take matters into their own hands. Always, Jim Gordon III

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